Jimmy’s Roofers are experts in repairing, installing and maintaining tile roofing systems all the way through the region. Our team has built a recognized reputation for being an industry leader in all types of tile and roof work. We pride ourselves in the excellence of our work. You should prefer a reliable and experienced tile roofing service like us for all your tile roofing needs in Boca Raton.

Our team has plenty of experience in the industry and contented customers. We offer advance-quality workmanship and service to our customers at all times. Our technicians are skilled to deal with any size of roof installation job.

Tile roofs are extremely hard-wearing. While some homeowner’s think that they will only have limited color alternatives if they prefer a tile roof, that couldn’t be further from the reality. Tile roofs are available in many dissimilar colors, styles and shapes. Actually, clay and concrete companies can now create tiles to match any architectural style.

Tile roofs are strong enough to survive a host of conditions. Dissimilar asphalt, tile won’t burn up should your roof catch fire or strike by lightning.

Heavier tiles are well-built enough to endure wind, hail, and even earthquakes. If you’re looking for a roof that offers just as much power as curb appeal, contact us today at (954) 278-8985 to schedule a free approximation for tile roofing.