Roofing is a passion for Jimmy’s Roofers and we accept as true this shows in our service, work and verypleased clients, with whom we have been working in joint venture for many years.

Jimmy’s Roofers believes in truthfulness and integrity in all facets of our business. We put excellent workmanship, products and care into every work we perform. We take pride in the fine details and all this can be shown in our assortment page on our website. We also make every effort to work swiftly and efficiently, and to minimize mess and disturbance. It’s your residence, after all. Above all though, it’s the excellence of work that our roofers carry out that has people referring and recommending us.

Roof Leak Repair

The continuous drip of a roof leak into a metal pot is more probable to be seen on a television show than in your residence or business. Despondently, by the time you notice signs of a roof leak, it’s possibly caused more damage than you understand. Because of the devious nature of roof leaks, it’s imperative not to postpone contacting us at the first sign of a leak.

There are several reasons why roofs require maintenance eventually, especially if your home is surrounded by trees and foliage. Leaves and wreckage will collect and cause deterioration if ignored. Your roof’s pipe flashings will wear out before the roof material will.